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Transmission World was opened in 1974. Many people may remember the first location on Highway 97 across from the old Mountain View Mall. In 1998, Transmission World found a new home in the newly constructed shop located on Service Road. Scott Wyke bought Transmission World from its previous owner and blended it with his thriving General Repair Business, Scott's Performance Automotive, together under one roof. Scott's Performance Automotive has been operating since 1988.

Our Automotive Services

We are professionals in all aspects of import and domestic vehicle maintenance and repair. Bring your family or company vehicle to us for any of these services.

We Are Excited To Announce That We Can Now Offer FREE Alignment Checks

Starting October 15 we will have a new Hunter Hawkeye alignment machine. This is Hunters top of the line machine that takes 1/20th of the time to set up for an alignment. With any service we will be offering a free alignment check (as long as the machine is available). This does not include any adjustment. An alignment check will let you know if you need an alignment or not. 60% of all vehicles on the road can benifit from an alignment. A very slight mis-alignment can cause premature tire wear and affect the fuel mileage negatively. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for a 48 point inpection and FREE alignment check. Limited time offer

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